Easter Apartments

Spring is upon us and the weather today has marked this occasion with some blistering heat! After nearly reaching 20 degrees today, it is so important for us to take advantage of the beautiful weather coming up this Easter weekend. Maidenhead and its surrounding areas are gearing up for what looks like another beautiful summer, meaning we can’t wait to welcome more guests to our apartments!

We have had a host of new faces come down to us over the Easter holidays. Both for business and for pleasure. There have even been some people lucky enough to go to Legoland! As with most things in life, if it’s broke, you fix it, and our maintenance team has been hard at work ensuring flats are kept up to their best standard. We always welcome criticism, because if you had something you could see fixed in your flat, we want to rectify it not only for you, but for all guests after you! Our guests make our business what it is. We love seeing all the different faces, cultures, businesses and families arrive to stay with us, and hope you feel as comfortable as possible in your stay. Maidenhead is certainly a busy town, and this may be overwhelming, but we know our flats are both central and secluded enough for anyone.

Maidenhead has plenty to look forward to this summer, but you can find that the surrounding areas are where more fun can be had. The areas of Marlow, Henley, Windsor and Bray are all within 10-20 minute drive of your apartment. With our free parking you always have somewhere to put your car, but also lots of places to look forward to go to! With the Marlow and Henley regattas, you will find our apartments perfectly situated in order to reach them. There are other events, such as the Royal Ascot, Windsor Castle and Polo at Coworth Park, and the ability to get to and from these events is as simple as can be.

One thing that often slips people’s minds when thinking of Maidenhead… is food. Although our history is one which resounds around our relationship with the Thames, if you travel slightly up and down it you will find two small settlements known as Marlow and Bray. Between these two towns is 10 Michelin Stars for restaurants, and if you are a foodie, these restaurants can not be missed. Incredible Chefs, such as Heston Blumenthal, Tom Kerridge and Michel Roux, spoil the area with the talent they have. But don’t think that this is it, the surrounding areas such as Cookham, Ascot and Burchetts Green all have incredible (and more affordable) restaurants like: The White Oak, The Royal Oak and The Crown. It is such a treat to be able to go to these places, and your accommodation gives you the choice to dine at one of these fantastic establishments.

Our business has been growing steadily for the past 10 years. With all the changes happening to rented accomodation, we hope that our service is provided to the best of its ability, whether you choose to stay with us for a long or short term. The best part of our business is having happy guests; who say that staying with us is so much more practical than an hotel, or we were leaps and bounds better than other serviced accommodation you have stayed in. What we enjoy more though is criticism on how we may improve, or how another short rental left a good impression on you. We always want to better ourselves and the person with those answers is our guests.

With summer just around the corner, we look forward to all the events, changes and guests coming our way.

We look forward to seeing you,

The Maidenhead Shortstay Team

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